First Day of School / by Kali Wood


Obligatory first day of school photo

Yes, I let Laurel wear pajamas to school. In her opinion, that’s the best part of home-school. That, and she can have second and third breakfast each day.

July 29th marked the first day of first grade home-school for Laurel. For our stateside friends this seems like a very early starting date and for our Indonesian friends it’s about a month too late. I chose this date knowing that we will need to take some time off in September when baby arrives. If we start now, we can still finish up in May.

So how did it go? We finished the first week with great success. While the content was mostly review for Laurel, the structure was new. We had a very loose kindergarten home-school year due to support raising trips, moving out of our house in St. Louis, moving to Taiwan for 2 months, and then moving to Indonesia. The easy content combined with the structure helped ease our way into the first week.

Laurel’s favorite subject is religion. She gets to take her Bible and supplies up to daddy’s office and he teaches her there. She loves the special time they have together.

She’s most nervous about learning cursive this year, mainly because she’s still needs some correction on her print handwriting.

She’s very excited to do science experiments and is disappointed when I don’t have one planned for each day. Both Eleanor and Laurel love read aloud time. They enjoy snuggling in our bed and listening to the story, even though we read the same story 5 days in a row.

As the teacher, I feel we had a great week. I saw Laurel improve over just 5 days. I look forward to seeing this throughout the year and throughout her life.


Snapshot of our home-school space.

It’s a small space but functions in every way that we need it to.