SOLD! / by Matthew Wood

Lohmeyer Sold.jpg

One of our frequent prayer requests over the last few months has been for the speedy and carefree sale of our house in Maplewood. In 2012 we moved into a fixer-upper, and over the years we didn’t do much fixing. Even so, it was always a good home for us and we learned to love it and be thankful for it. Unfortunately our love for the house and the memories of bringing home two beautiful daughters from the hospital don’t add to the resale value or the curb appeal. We were concerned that we might have to hold on to the property long term or possibly even bring tens of thousands of dollars to closing in order to pay off our mortgage. So we needed a special someone to look at the ugly pink house on the corner of Lohmeyer and Valley and fall in love, or at least see the potential to make a buck in the booming Maplewood housing market.

We knew this could be a tremendous source of stress. We also knew that there wasn’t anything we could do about it other than list the house for sale and pray for God’s blessings. If I may be so bold, God answered the prayers for our house to sell. We listed the house for sale with Magnolia Real Estate on February 14th and received an offer on February 28th. The buyer asked that we fix the sewer lateral, which we did. We closed on March 29th. Even after fixing the sewer lateral (not cheap!) we were able to walk away from closing with a modest amount of cash in our pocket. What a blessing!

Prayer request update: Please give thanks to God with us for His gracious answer to prayer by blessing us with a speedy and carefree sale of our former house in Maplewood, MO.